For when the smallest parts make the biggest difference

Creating the Smallest Plastic Parts & Components

We produce custom micro and submillimeter plastic parts and components with state-of-the-art techniques and technology. 

Microscopic Plastic Parts

Trust the experts with deep experience in crafting microscopic components and assemblies for the most miniscule operations.

Meeting Strict Tolerances

Our highly advanced machines can hold tolerances of ±0.0002 µ or better. We specialize in turning/milling submillimeter projects. 

Efficient in Time & Budget

We also focus on handling, inspection, finishing (including polishing), and assembly of devices for convenience.

micro-machined part

We typically have in stock COC (Topas), COP (Zeon Chemicals), and PMMA (acrylic) ready for a quick start. We also setup product success through custom precision thickness and flatness for those critical applications that require it.

For resins/materials we don't immediately have in stock, our partners at Quantum source those quickly for our customers. 

Our Signature Micromachining Process

We process directly from 3D solid models and test/validate most (if not all) projects virtually. Thanks to our partners at Flow Circuits, we give customers the option to reduce testing and streamline the microfluidics production process.  All with bonding options for turnkey solutions.

We offer also precision machining of microfeatures down to 50 µin with 3D surfacing of critical to function features. We finish off most projects with our advanced deburring processes to provide smooth, consistent channels and features and polishing to finishes as low as 2 RA. 

clear plastic acrylic manifold with micro milled channels
Photo of medical device layered manifold

In production, there is little time to waste. That time must be used effectively to bring a product to market with no errors that could cost producers later on. That's why we offer Rapid Response Prototyping & Production to customers that need their products now. 

Moreover, our QA/QC departments tout the utmost accuracy for feature verification. Using automated optical inspection methods among several proprietary techniques, Controlled Fluidics works with whatever tools at our disposal to ensure the best fit.