Saving space & simplifying fluidics assemblies

The Best Solution for Fluidics

We specialize in precision plastics bonded manifolds for pneumatic and fluidic applications, taking complex systems and streamlining them to create more compact and modernized products.

More Cost Efficient

Lower your total cost of ownership, especially in comparison to multiple drilled manifolds and tubing. 

Minimize & Reduce

Reduce the total space an entire assembly takes. We produce manifolds with the smallest envelopes possible. 

Complete System Integration

Incorporate at least the vast majority (if not all) of system parts into one manageable module. 

Put simply, bonded manifolds are typically closed and contained fluidics systems or devices with compact design fit for micro and nano applications. They concentrate many fluid paths into a smaller footprint on a single part or component and controls the fluids' flow throughout an entire assembly or application. 

Industries & Applications

Multilayer manifolds are particularly valuable in life science applications, including gene sequencing, diagnostic instrumentation, and point of care devices. Beyond life sciences, bonded manifolds have a variety of uses in:

Why Controlled Fluidics Bonded Manifolds?

Our manifolds' design align with the current trend towards microfluidics and today’s drive toward more compact and streamlined devices.

We are ISO 9001:2015 registered and adhere to ANSI/ASQ Z 1.4 & ANSI/NCSL Z 540-1-1994.

  • 60+ Years of Combined Experience

    Take advantage of our proven expertise to deliver superior manifolds with high quality engineering. 

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  • Bond Injection Molded Manifolds

    We demonstrate our versatility and innovation through bonding strength — even to injected molded halves. 

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  • Design Help

    Bonded manifolds offer few design limitations. However, for some design engineers, creating efficient configurations can be daunting. We can help. 

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  • Precise Machining Skill

    Our machinists can work with larger cavities, reservoirs, and different kinds of channels for best flow — all while keeping within close tolerances. 

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  • Protoyping & Rapid Response

    We offer efficient delivery. We can deliver in 4-6 weeks for prototypes; 8-10 weeks for production. 

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  • Only The Best Materials

    Some materials work better than others when it comes to bonded manifolds, and we only use the best suited for that purpose.

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