Markets We Serve

We strive to give the best outcomes for projects requiring specialized machined plastic parts, manifolds, and components in almost every industry.

Our Most Popular Industries

While many industries have benefited from our specialized plastic machining design assistance and services, most of our clients and customers come from these industries. This is not an exhaustive list. 



Many of our clients come to us from the aerospace industry, including other space flight related organizations. They seek our help in getting the highest quality components, manifolds, and other products that guarantee quality in the most extreme conditions.

Defense & Military

We have experience working with the government and their honored military personnel. We have aided in creating some of the most advanced technology available that need to meet the most stringent requirements.


Life Sciences

Whether for micro or macro operations, our manifolds and components have served to bring the sciences to life. We can get the best materials that can withstand the harshest chemicals and processes while keeping peak optical clarity.

Research & Development

In research, one small error could mean the difference between finding a life-changing solution or altering the course of research. We understand the importance of having measurement instruments and research components that are as accurate, safe, and precise as possible.

Medical cross

Medical & Healthcare

When it comes to saving lives and helping people live their best lives, we know there is no room for compromise. Medical and healthcare organizations reach out to us for the best solutions to their unique challenges and work together to find innovative solutions that advance medical technology.

Specialized Electronics

Several past and current clients have exceptional challenges when it comes to electronics. Whether for semiconductors, specialized sensors, or other products for niche purposes, our experts can help create powerful and dynamic solutions for those specialized electronics.

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