micro manufactured plastic parts .010 in diameter sat on top of a person's thumb for scale

Controlled Fluidics is a world-class manufacturer of micro machined plastic parts. We have the capacity to produce micro components to your specifications, in small and large quantities, that hold to tolerances of +/- .0005 or better.

That's pretty amazing, given that micro manufactured plastic parts as small as .010 in diameter can be smaller than the waste generated during machining! Controlled Fluidics attributes our success in micro machining to a unique approach: We concentrate on more than the manufacturing process. We also focus on the handling, inspection, finishing, and assembly of these exacting components.

Photo of milling micromachining
milling micromachining


With our tools and experience, Controlled Fluidics can ensure your micro machined products meet stringent tolerances.

Controlled Fluidics provides individual components (packed to your specifications) or complete assemblies of micro components, depending on your preference. We also can provide full in-house inspection.

Parts go directly from receiving to assembly, saving you production time and money. Micro machining is easy with Controlled Fluidics fast plastic machining!

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