What our Customers Are Saying

At Controlled Fluidics, we take pride in delivering exceptional products and service to ensure the highest customer satisfaction and validation. Don't just take our word for it – here's what our valued customers say about their experiences:

Quality assessor deburring acrylic plastic manifold


"The chips you made for me on the last order were fantastic. The end customer was so pleased with some of these efforts that we received a renewed grant to keep working on this hardware for the next 5 years. The pumps work great, and we are happy with the chip design.... We are planning to make another batch of revised chips with you all."

Review: Defense & Military

"I want to thank you and all those at Controlled Fluidics who helped complete this project. We have been extremely happy with the quality of work done and your customer service has been outstanding. We will definitely keep Controlled Fluidics in mind for any work we could possible push your way."

aerospace acrylic test manifold with reservoirs

Review: Space Flight Contractor

"We received [the parts] we sent to you for vapor polishing and they look incredible! We will definitely be sending you additional parts in the future."

More Reviews & Testimonials

"You guys are quite literally awesome. Thanks!"

DNA Sequencing Company

"We received the first batch of Immersion Shells for inspection. I’m happy to share with you that all 100 units passed our inspection criteria. They all look and feel fantastic."

Ophthalmic Diagnostics Company 

"Both the designer and I are impressed by the workmanship and quality."

Medical Diagnostics Engineer

"Surface finishes are better than any of the places we have used recently. We are trying to procure all the components so that we can fully test the manifolds. We have mounted most of the parts and all the taped holes and dimensions seem good so far."

Life Sciences Applications Designer

"Everything has been going great! We installed both the pump and input manifolds onto an instrument and have run a few cartridges so far. The data is good and the pressure profiles from the pumps are also good. I'll continue running cartridges and keep you updated."

Aerospace Project Manager

The manifolds arrived today, and they look fantastic.

Biopharma Project Manager 

Biomedical Researcher

The parts you make for us will go on the next sequencer, hopefully for gaining better understanding of ‘science’ and develop treatments ahead of time so we never find ourselves in the situation we now are in again. If you ever wondered whether what we do (Controlled Fluidics included) is important, you don’t need any better proof. 

Healthcare Administrator

Thank you very much for thinking of us in this trying time. This is an item we have been trying to get for over a month now.

Environmental Testing Company

We are very happy with the first work order that was successfully completed Tuesday. As we stated earlier, please thank those involved in manufacturing these parts. Our production folks are thrilled about the results using CF parts (we had no failures!) and looking forward to defect free parts on future orders.