Amber-colored machined part made from Ultem plasticControlled Fluidics is highly respected for our specialty plastic bonding and custom plastic assembly expertise and products. Our precision plastic machining experience dates back to 1980, and our experienced staff is led by highly knowledgeable engineers.

We are committed to creating the finest precision manifolds and plastic components, and our responsiveness and delivery speed set industry standards.

Since 2011, Controlled Fluidics has partnered with customers to solve precision plastic machining and manifold fabrication challenges. We thrive on developing ground-breaking technologies, and our experts are ready to assist you with your complex designs.


The mission of Controlled Fluidics is to provide innovative technical solutions for fluidic design challenges that allow customers to focus on the business of building their novel devices. From prototypes to larger-scale production runs, Controlled Fluidics provides expert design support and high-quality products.