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About Controlled Fluidics

Controlled Fluidics specializes in thermoplastic, high-performance plastic bonding and custom plastic assembly products. As a premier certified plastics manufacturer, Controlled Fluidics continually meets the needs of our customers across many specialized industries. Our "Big 6" industries are AerospaceLife Sciences, Medical, Defense, Specialized Electronics, and Industry Research. However, these only mark some of where our clients come from.

Our precision plastic machining experience dates back to 1980, and we have seen the growth and change throughout our time in the plastics industry first-hand. Thus, when Controlled Fluidics formed in 2011, we had the team and the resources to make advancements through innovation.

Since then, our team of highly knowledgeable engineers have guided and continue to guide our experienced staff on the latest trends and advancements in plastic manufacturing. That's why we can say with confidence our satisfaction guarantee.

We cater to customers from the small local inventor with a bright idea to large multinational corporations with thousands of products. We work to cover the gamut in terms of size and location. Whether you're located just down the street from us or all the way across the world, we will handle your project with all the care and attention it needs to succeed.

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    Services We Provide

    While we offer several other services to meet the needs of many specialized industries, here are a handful of our most popular ones:

    Plastic Milling & Turning

    Whether you need parts turned or milled, we offer both processes to ensure you get the highest quality possible without sacrifice.

    Plastic Finishing & Polishing

    We deliver on creating optics grade products for applications needing transparency.

    Design Support & Guidance

    Specialized design guidance from our team of experienced plastic experts in your industry.

    Prototype & Rapid Response

    Just getting started and/or need projects done quickly? We have you covered with our premier service.

    Micromachining & Microfluidics

    The smallest things can make the biggest difference. Get to know your plastic on a micro level.

    Single-Layer, Multilayer, & Injection Molding

    Whether drilled, bonded, or injection molded, manifolds' method of creation serve many functions.

    Controlled Fluidics Difference


    We Enjoy a Challenge
    Over the years, Controlled Fluidics has partnered with customers and key plastics industry professionals to solve complicated challenges.


    We Are Dedicated
    Our commitment to response and delivery speed set industry standards. With these values, our team is ready to assist with your designs.


    We Seek Innovation
    We, as a company, seek to provide innovative yet proven technical solutions for the most optimal fluidics design available.


    Controlled Fluidics focuses on top quality at every stage of your manifold fabrication or plastic machining process. Our expertise is unmatched, and our engineers communicate clearly with customers about their specific needs to produce the most precise, highest-quality product.

    We are ISO 9001:2015 registered and adhere to the following standards:

    ANSI/ASQ Z 1.4

    ANSI/NCSL Z 540-1-1994

    A copy of our ISO registration letter is available upon request.

    Our Facilities

    Controlled Fluidics occupies approximately 30,000 square feet of workspace in Milford, NH, and Wallingford, CT. We proudly employ over 50 trained and experienced personnel to keep both facilities running like a well-oiled machine from design to shipment. 

    At both sites, we house our high-performance, well-maintained 3 to 5 axis CNC machines that provide rapid-production precision machining. Mainly used for smaller runs, these machines can handle specialized plastics parts for prototypes or limited release products. These facilities combine powerful machining and unique bonding capabilities to deliver. 

    Meet the Team

    Our team is comprised of expert engineers who can bring your dream to reality. With over 60+ years of combined experience from our leadership alone, our passions and interest lie in creating the best.

    Tom Rohlfs

    President & Principal Engineer

    In 2011, Tom founded Controlled Fluidics in response to industry demand for higher-quality, lower-cost manifolds. He brings a wealth of knowledge about the design and manufacture of fluidic and microfluidic bonded manifolds that provides the highest quality products to Controlled Fluidics’ customers. His experience helps create precision plastic components for devices that do everything from acting as a patient’s temporary heart/lung to facilitating microgravity experiments on the International Space Station.

    Before Controlled Fluidics, Tom was principal engineer and owner of Connecticut Plastics, where he oversaw sales and process development, and had served as a design engineer for multiple companies. Tom earned his BS in physics from Providence College, his BS in mechanical engineering from Columbia University, and his MS in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan.

    Chris Connor

    General Manager & Operations

    "As the General Manager of Controlled Fluidics, I work with clients who need technically challenging bonded manifolds and plastic machined components. I work with our engineers and production people to get the job done right the first time. I harness my experience with operations to reduce costs while increasing efficiency, and make sure everyone on our team still enjoys hanging out with each other afterward. Whether we're creating components used in state of the art mammography machines or in lab experiments on the international space station, I love making a big difference and seeing their effects in real time and first hand."

    Pete Poodiack

    VP of Sales & Marketing

    "I am a rare combination: both engineer and salesperson. It’s not a typical background for sales, however, our products are anything but typical. It can take an engineering degree to fully explain the complexities of our products, capabilities, and their application, but I'm well-versed in breaking down complicated concepts to simple facts.

    "I find it inspiring that our components are used in devices that are part of everything from state of the art mammography machines to lab experiments on the international space station. I work to solve challenges in the most efficient way possible, so our clients know that they picked the right partner for the job."

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    We are very happy with the first work order that was successfully completed Tuesday. As we stated earlier, please thank those involved in manufacturing these parts. Our production folks are thrilled about the results using CF parts (we had no failures!) and looking forward to defect free parts on future orders.

    Environmental Testing Company 

    Everything has been going great! We installed both the pump and input manifolds onto an instrument and have run a few cartridges so far. The data is good and the pressure profiles from the pumps are also good. I'll continue running cartridges and keep you updated.

    Aerospace Project Manager

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