Supplying cutting-edge precision manifolds to bring ideas to life.  Fully integrated component assemblies to deliver the right amount of fluid at the right time.

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We understand that those in medical, biopharma, industrial, and research (among many others) require specialized tools and assemblies to get their jobs done. This is where Controlled Fluidics comes in with specialized experience in bonded manifold design and production. We're with you every step of the way to ensure the best product possible. 

Plastic Manifold Manufacturing Services We Offer

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Bonded Manifolds

Multilayer bonded manifolds in an array of materials to simplify the most complicated fluidic challenges.

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High precision manifolds available in all plastic materials to support any process control requirement.

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Speak with our engineers to get support when you need it and to help accelerate your device design process.

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Time to market is critical in today’s competitive environment. We can help to speed the time to device testing.

Explore the benefits of Bonded Manifolds

While those in research and life sciences typically use bonded manifolds the most, countless other specialized industries take advantage of these benefits

Reduced Assembly Size

Bonded manifolds combine many components into one single device or assembly, saving precious space in situations that need it.

More Cost Efficient Over Time

The combined systems simplifies servicing, assembly, and troubleshooting, decreasing total repair costs.

Fewer Failure Points

Intricate tubing and other delicate components create opportunities for breakdowns. Manage those risks efficiently and expertly.

Accuracy & Precision

We can create bonded manifolds with close tolerances up to .001", all while maintaining a simple and clean design.

Optical Grade Clarity

When seeing is believing, manifolds made with specialized resins can grant viewers the visuals they need when they need them.

ISO Certified

Controlled Fluidics proudly has an ISO 9001:2015 registration, and we adhere to ANSI/ASQ Z 1.4 AND ANSI/NCSL Z 540-1-1994.

We serve organizations, companies, and businesses in a wide variety of industries. Whether the manifold needs to withstand maxillofacial surgery, DNA research, or pharmaceutical applications, our experts know exactly how to meet the most demanding specs.

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