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Design Guides & How-Tos

Design Guide cover sketch image for Plastic Manifolds

Read our expert-backed design guide for bonded plastic manifolds and other items to guide you to success.

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purple gloves holding up an unpolished plastic part and a polished plastic part for comparison

Yes, you can polish plastic. Here's our guide on polishing plastic techniques and other finishes to use with your projects.

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Clear manifold designed for medical devices

Have questions about bonded manifolds and how they might help your next project? We have our FAQs right here.

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Reference Charts & Tools

Here's a convenient reference chart of chemical resistances of the most commonly used plastics materials for specialized components. 

We've broken down the price, ease of machining, and the flexural modulus elasticity comparisons to other plastic materials to aid in your research. 

Most find that selecting the best material for your project as a top challenge. We have our Materials Selector tool to help out based on what your product needs. Try it now!

Read through our latest articles, blog entries, and other written works for the most updated information about what's happening in the plastics industry. 

Controlled Fluidics Joins The Ingersoll Rand Family

Controlled Fluidics Joins The Ingersoll Rand Family Specialized plastics manufacturer Controlled Fluidics joins the multinational industrial flow product company Ingersoll Rand We are excited to announce that Ingersoll Rand has completed its acquisition of Controlled Fluidics. The leadership teams at Ingersoll Rand and Controlled Fluidics are excited about our future together and the opportunity to…

Design Guide Announcement

Announcing The Arrival of The Ultimate Plastic Product Design Guide Featuring 150+ pages of expert-backed content to guide product designers on creating the highest quality products possible.  Exciting news is here! The staff here at Controlled Fluidics is thrilled to announce the release of our latest resource – our Ultimate Plastic Product Design Guide! Packed…

Controlled Fluidics & Quantum Plastics Announce Partnership

Controlled Fluidics & Quantum Plastics Announce Partnership A Quantum Leap in Plastics Partnership Controlled Fluidics Joins Forces with Quantum Advanced Engineering Plastics This groundbreaking development promises to change the world of fluidic components. Controlled Fluidics, headquartered in New Hampshire, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Quantum Advanced Engineering Plastics, based in Delaware. This…

How To Shift Plastic Manufacturers

Navigating the Transition: The 9-Step Guide to Shifting Plastic Manufacturers When terminating a partnership between your business and another, many project managers, engineers, and designers face a daunting task: how do you find your next partnership as quickly as possible? Shifting from one plastic manufacturer to another takes time, research, and trust that can overwhelm…

Plastic Machining with Vespel Plastic

Pete Poodiack talks about Vespel plastic and what makes it a popular material for plastic machining and fabrication.

Plastic Machining with Ultem Plastic

Pete Poodiack talks about Ultem plastic and what makes it a popular material for plastic machining and fabrication.