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Thermometer showing both Celsius and Fahrenheit

Extreme Operating Conditions and Plastic Components

By Tom Rohlfs | January 30, 2019

Can Plastic Withstand Extreme Operating Conditions? Understanding Environmental Extremes & Plastic You can find plastic machined parts and manifolds as critical parts of devices in almost any environment: from cell counters in a climate-controlled lab to components on the International Space Station. When machining components that must perform under extreme operating conditions, a good engineer…

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clear plastic machined product

Three Ways a 5-Axis CNC Machine Improves the Plastic Machining Process

By Tom Rohlfs | December 7, 2018

Advances in technology depend on increasingly complex components. Plastic machined components and manifolds are no exception and must perform accurately and consistently in more demanding environments than ever before. Some components can only be produced with 5-axis machines, such as items used in the aerospace, medical, or space flight industries.    While expert engineers can design…

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Clear COP manifolds

Polymer Medical Components: Making the Medical Industry Safer

By Tom Rohlfs | October 31, 2018

Increasing Patient Safety in Medical Procedures Why Plastics Help Make the Medical Industry Safer For All When engineering devices with medical applications, it’s critical to keep patient safety at the center of all design choices. Fortunately for the engineers working on medical components, polymers combine the favorable properties of glass and metal with unique properties…

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purple gloves holding up an unpolished plastic part and a polished plastic part for comparison

Quick Polishing Plastics Guide

By Tom Rohlfs | September 10, 2018

Your Guide To Polishing Plastic A Quick Primer on Plastic Polishing Methods and Techniques   *Updated November 3, 2023. When a project calls for optically clear or smooth components, it’s simple to turn to glass or quartz as a material solution. However, while either material will produce an optically clear or smooth product, polished plastic…

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Blue transparent plastic fluidic manifold

Why Choose Plastic Machined Parts Over Metal Components

By Tom Rohlfs | July 31, 2018

Metal Vs Plastics A Comparison of Material Advantages & Disadvantages Each material needed for a product needs careful consideration and comparison before making any final decisions. We weigh the pros and cons of plastic and metal to ensure you make the right decision for your next project.  When your manifold or precision component project is…

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plastic machining part made from COP

Plastic Machining Projects: Five Plastics that Can Take the Heat

By Tom Rohlfs | June 19, 2018

5 Plastic Resins/Materials That Can Take The Heat A successfully completed high-performance plastic machined part or manifold performs consistently well under even the most stressful conditions. In addition, professional machining and polishing prevent dangerous, costly malfunctions.  While final success depends on many factors falling into place, selecting the right material for the job is essential…

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Clear manifold designed for medical devices

4 Signs You Need A Specialized Plastic Manufacturer

By Tom Rohlfs | May 1, 2018

4 Signs On When To Seek Help From A Specialized Plastic Manufacturer Edited 3/14/2024 You’ve clarified what kind of product you need, the specifications it needs to meet, and the environment in which it will need to perform. Now it’s time to wade into the world of design, material selection, and production. We understand that…

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