Photo of laminated manifold with printed artwork

Expert, precise, and customized printed plastic manifolds.

Plastic manifolds often feature many input and output ports, making accurate connections challenging. Our engineers resolve this concern by labeling the individual locations with a suitable number scheme. At Controlled Fluidics, we utilize two approaches that suffice for the vast majority of applications.

Direct Engraving

For a small number of labels, direct engraving is both the lowest cost and quickest printing method. We will engrave your letters using our CNC machine tools during the machining process. Manifolds finished using direct engraving feature:

  • Letters created using an engraving bit or laser, available in almost any font
  • A consistent and clear finish
  • In standard components, the letters will be the same color as the manifold.

However, for an additional cost, the engraving can be made thicker and filled with paint or ink that will make the letters easier to read.

Direct Print Approach

Larger manifolds with more detailed labeling requirements can be processed with a direct print approach - replacing traditional silk screen printing. For these components, printing cost is a function of the size of the manifold, not the density of the printing requirement. Manifolds printed using the direct print approach feature:

  • A full color pallet along with the possibility of incorporating logos and designs
  • Readable and consistent labeling that works on all types of plastics
  • Customization - if you can draw it, we can print it.

While it is possible to scratch or remove the printing with rough handling as the designs are printed on top of the component. Direct printing is robust enough to withstand most applications.

If you would like to learn more about our printing processes, please get in touch. Our engineers are happy to discuss your project, and which printing process is right for you.


Have Controlled Fluidics bring your custom plastic machining design to fruition.