Marking & Lettering Customizations

Marking the path on plastic manifolds & components for easy configuring

Plastic manifolds often feature many input and output ports, making accurate connections challenging.

Our engineers resolve this concern by labeling the individual locations with a suitable number scheme. At Controlled Fluidics, we utilize two approaches that suffice for the vast majority of applications.


Direct Engraving

For a small number of labels, direct engraving has the lowest cost and is quickest printing method for components and manifolds. We engrave letters, numbers, and/or other significant symbols using our CNC machine tools during the machining process. Manifolds finished using direct engraving feature:

Letters created using an engraving bit or laser, available in almost any font

Markers created using an engraving bit or laser

A consistent and clear finish

Customized options for markers' color & thickness

We offer additional engraving customizations that ease eye strain and increase readability.

Direct Printing

We handle larger manifolds with more detailed labeling requirements with a direct print approach. We have replaced traditional silk screen printing because of its ease, cost efficiency, and versatility. Direct printing can leaves markings on many different types of plastics in whichever font or style the designer chooses. This option gives the designer a much wider range of customizations available to use. If you can draw it, we can print it.

For these components, printing costs depends on the size of the manifold, not the density of the printing requirement. Manifolds printed using the direct print approach feature:

Potential logo incorporation and designs

Potential logo incorporation & designs

Readable and consistent labeling

Readable & consistent labeling 

Extended customization options with a full color palette 

Extended customization options with a full color palette available

As this method prints on top of the product, it is possible to scratch or remove the printing with rough handling. However, direct printing is usually robust enough to withstand most tougher applications.

Photo of 2 layer manifold acrylic with printing

Some Notes

We usually print or engrave products after we complete other processes, like polishing. This ensures the longevity of these final touches for extended future use.

We ask that the designer please be aware that exposure to some harsher environments may deteriorate the printing quality. While the plastic materials themselves may withstand those environments without issue, the printing may not experience the lasting effects as it would outside those extremes.