Good material for structural components that require strength and rigidity at elevated temperatures.

Photo of Ultem

Why choose Ultem?

  •  Flame resistant
  •  UV stable
  •  FDA compliant
  •  High electrical insulation properties
  • Good performance at elevated temperatures

What are some common Ultem applications?

  • Medical devices
  • Aircraft components
  • Electronics
  • Food processing equipment
  • Automotive components

Ultem has excellent heat and flame resistance, performing continuously to 340° F.  It is hydrolysis resistant and highly resistant to acidic solutions; it can easily tolerate repeated steam sterilizations for reusable medical devices. Ultem is also used in electronics because of its good arc resistance and is well-suited to applications that require consistent dielectric properties over a wide range of frequencies.

Controlled Fluidics uses several varieties of Ultem, including:

  • Ultem 1000 plate 0.100” – 3” thick
  • Ultem 1000 rod up to 4’’ diameter
  • Ultem 2300 rod up to 3” diameter
  • Ultem 2300 plate 0.250” – 4” thick

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