Tough and stable material with excellent stress cracking resistance

photo of radel

Why choose Radel?

  • Great impact resistance
  • Resistance to hydrolysis
  • Thermal resistance
  • Combustion resistance
  • USP Grade IV

What are some common Radel applications?

  • Medical devices
  • Research components
  • Electronic assembly equipment

Machined components from Radel offer a superior combination of high performance properties, including excellent thermal stability, outstanding toughness and good environmental stress cracking resistance when compared to Ultem and Polysulfone. Known for its ability to tolerate unlimited steam sterilization cycles, common applications of Radel R include medical devices such as handles. Colors are bone white, black and amber available in USP Grade VI. Radel® is relatively costly and more difficult to machine than acetal, and has heat deflection to temperatures of 400F.

Grade Product Characteristics Common Applications
Radel (R)Excellent thermal stability, good environmental stress cracking resistance, ability to tolerate unlimited steam sterilization cyclesMedical devices, surgical instruments, sterilization trays, electronic assembly equipment

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